Palaeoecology Group

Forum for improving exchange between palaeoecology and ecology for more integrated use of long-term ecological data.


Chairs: Althea Davies and Jane Bunting
Social Media: Twitter


Ecological dynamics play out over a range of spatial and temporal scales, including those well beyond a human lifetime. The Palaeoecology group exists to improve exchange between palaeoecology and ecology to encourage more integrative use of long-term ecological data.

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  • Serve as a forum for palaeoecology, a research community which is currently spread across multiple organisations
  • Raise the understanding of and engagement with modern ecological science among palaeoecologists and of palaeoecological methods by neoecologists
  • Act as a starting point for ecologists wishing to work with palaeoecological data
  • Facilitate the development of more integrated approaches to long-term ecosystem dynamics in ecological research and environmental management
  • Support and organise joint meetings with palaeo-focused organisations

Meetings and Events

Information about all upcoming events can be found on the Events page.

Committee Members

  • Jessie Woodbridge
  • Jennifer Clear
  • Amelia Penny (Comms Officer)
  • Heather Pardoe