Plant, Soils, Ecosystems

Plant-soil interactions and their role in ecosystems.


Secretary: Robert Mills
Co-Secretaries: Sabine Reinsch & Mathilde Chomel
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A group on plant-soil interactions, with a focus on biogeochemical cycling, community dynamics, and ecosystem functioning.

The study of plant-soil interactions is a rapidly growing area. Soil organisms are very important for plant growth and community dynamics, which is why ecologists increasingly consider plants as major drivers of soil biota and the processes they regulate. Recent research has shown that plant-soil interactions are a driving force for primary productivity, nutrient and carbon cycling, and ecosystem responses to global change.

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  • Promote research on plant-soil interactions and their role in ecosystems through workshops, symposia, and events.
  • Serve as a platform to discuss and share techniques, as well as provide opportunities for networking and collaboration among researchers.
  • Encourage research across scientific disciplines to students, support for early-career researchers, and facilitate training opportunities.

Meetings and Events

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  • Secretary: Robert Mills
  • Co-Secretary and Treasurer: Sabine Reinsch
  • Co-Secretary & Equality & Diversity Rep: Mathilde Chomel
  • ECR and Student Reps: Rosanne Broyd & Christopher Sweeney
  • Communications/Social Media Rep: Emily Schofield
  • Policy Rep: Bjorn Robroek
  • Events Reps: Jennifer Rhymes & Mathilde Chomel