Marsh Award for Ecologists in Africa

This Award recognises that ecologists in Africa often face particular challenges in carrying out their research.

The Marsh Award for Ecologists in Africa aims to celebrate the significant scientific achievements of African ecologists and raise their profile in the UK .

It is awarded for an outstanding current research record, largely completed in Africa, which is having a significant impact on the development of the science of ecology or its application.

It is provided by the Marsh Charitable Trust and administered by the British Ecological Society. The Award is £1000, and a grant for a two week visit to the UK for the winner to make connections with UK ecologists and attend the BES Annual Meeting. To be eligible for the Award:

  • Nominees must be a scientist and a citizen of a country in Africa, or its associated islands, that is a ‘low-income economy’ or ‘lower-middle-income economy’ according to the World Bank categorisation.
  • Nominees must be working for a university or research institution in Africa (including field centres, NGOs, museums etc.) and carrying out the research in a country in Africa or its associated islands.

The Nominations Committee will consider the following criteria when considering nominations:

  • A significant body of research which is making a significant  and demonstrable impact on the understanding of ecology or its application.
  • A good publication record.
  • Invitations to speak at conferences.
  • Service on national committees/advisory boards.

The nominations process for this award is currently closed.

Please note that as of 2024 we are now accepting self-nominations.

Winners to date:

David Kimiti, Grevy’s Zebra Trust (2023)
Perpetria Akite, Makerere University (2022)
Paula Kalhumba, WildlifeDirect (2021)
David Odee, Kenyan Forestry Research Institute (2020)
Esther Kioko, National Museums of Kenya (2019)
Chabi Djagoun, University of Abomey-Calavi (2018)