Incredible Creatures Activity Booklet

Filled with simple yet fun nature-based activities, our educational activity booklet for 7 to 11 year olds is free to download!

British Ecological Society

You can download our BES ‘Incredible Creatures Activity Booklet’ for free via the link below! Activities include a crossword on the lifecycle of a frog, keeping a nature diary, drawing a leaf and matching birds’ beaks to the food that they eat.

BES Incredible Creatures Activity Booklet v1

Tasks within the booklet are also provided separately as activity sheets so you can use them at home, or print them for events with children so they can use them and take them away!

BES Incredible Creatures Activity Booklet – Worksheets v1

Please do let the BES know in an email if you use our worksheets, and share your images online using #BESIncredibleCreatures, as we’d value knowing the impact this may be having in supporting you.

British Ecological Society