Rhosanna Jenkins: Overseeing a journal blog

As Associate Editor for the Journal of Ecology‘s blog, Rhosanna has an academic editor role that gives her an insight into the latest findings and the people behind them.

Rhosanna Jenkins
Rhosanna Jenkins

I have been an Associate Editor for the Journal of Ecology blog for over two years.

I have a much longer history of writing for and editing blogs, but I love working with the Journal of Ecology blog because it combines this experience with my passion for the natural world.

Despite a long-standing interest, I only started actively researching ecology part way through my PhD and I really wanted to develop my understanding as much as possible. As blog editor, I get early access to new findings in the world of plant ecology – reading abstracts and blog posts before the papers are published.

Seeing behind the science

I love the variety of blogs we post. We receive lots of posts from authors of accepted manuscripts who are keen to share their innovative research. But beyond that, we have blog posts and videos from our inspirational Eminent Ecologist and Harper Prize winners, as well as posts linked to global awareness initiatives, including International Women’s Day or the UK’s National Tree Week.

Some of our most popular posts are from our Diversity in Ecology series, such as the Rainbow Research series celebrating Pride month, which aimed to promote visibility and highlight the work of researchers in the LGBTQ+ community.

These blog posts allow you to see the stories and personalities behind the science. One of the most enjoyable things I have done since taking on this role is editing the video interviews with the winners of the Eminent Ecologist awards. As an early-career ecologist, hearing about their career pathways can be extremely motivating.

Blog posts allow you to see the stories and personalities behind the science

I still remember 2020 winner Bernhard Schmid’s advice to collaborate and exchange data as much as possible and Michelle Leishman’s thoughts as 2021 award winner on the importance of finding good mentors, establishing a supportive peer group and having fun.

A team effort

Attending the BES Annual Meetings is another highlight. Associate Editors of the journals are entitled to free registration for the conference and that has allowed me to attend events that I probably would not have had the chance to otherwise.

I was involved with a workshop on promoting your research at Ecology Across Borders 2021 in Liverpool. I often do Twitter takeovers at the Annual Meeting as well, which really tests my ability to type quickly and accurately on a phone.

Running the blog is a team effort and I could not do my bit without the incredible work of the Journal of Ecology assistant editor, managing editor and senior editors, and the network of ecologists who engage with the blog.