Ecologists in the Global South

Supporting ecologists in the Global South carrying out innovative ecological research and outreach

British Ecological Society Ecology Research Grants Ecologists in the Global South

We recognise the challenges ecologists across the Global South face in their science and research.

Our Ecologists in Africa grant has been incredibly successful over a number of years, supporting excellent scientists from low- and lower-middle income countries in Africa.

From 2024, we will broaden this dedicated support by ring-fencing funding for researchers across the Global South.

We will bring our Ecologists in Africa scheme to a close. We will ensure the same proportion of our funding is awarded to ecologists in low- and lower-middle income countries worldwide.

Awards will be made to successful applications across all our grants, rather than having a separate grant scheme.

What this grant supports

Ecologists in low and lower-middle income countries can apply for funding through any of the grant schemes offered by the BES, whichever suits them and their projects best.

From 2024, applicants can be sure that the same proportion of our funds has been ring-fenced as was previously available through the Ecologists in Africa grant.

Who can apply

The ring-fenced funding across our grant schemes will be for ecologists working in, and citizens, of low and lower-middle income countries.


Our new grant schemes are development: Initial applications are expected to open in January 2024. 

Until then, our Ecologists in Africa grant will continue to run in 2023.

Changes to our Grants FOR 2024