Ecologists in the Global South

Supporting ecologists in the Global South carrying out innovative ecological research and outreach

British Ecological Society Ecology Research Grants Ecologists in the Global South

We recognise the challenges ecologists across the Global South face in their science and research. Previously, our Ecologists in Africa grant has been incredibly successful in supporting excellent scientists from low- and lower-middle income countries in Africa.

We have broadened this dedicated support by ring-fencing funding across all of our grant schemes to support researchers across the Global South.

We have set a target that at least 51% of our available funding will support Global South ecologists.

Awards will be made to successful applications across all of our grant schemes rather than having a separate grant scheme.

We recognise that the Global South has multiple definitions. The Global South has traditionally been used to refer to underdeveloped or economically disadvantaged nations.  The Global South is not the same as the geographical south. Further information can be found on the World Population Review.

A full list of all Global South countries can be found on the United Nations Finance Centre for South-South Cooperation. We have chosen this list as it represents countries with less resources for ecological research.

What this grant supports

Ecologists in Global South countries can apply for funding through any grant scheme offered by the BES, whichever suits them and their projects best.

The distribution of this funding will be monitored to ensure that no single country disproportionately benefits from the allocated funding.


In order to be eligible for Global South funding, you must be a citizen of and working/studying in a Global South country.

This question will be asked during the application process, which will help ensure that at least 51% of our funding is allocated to Global South applicants.

Applications must score 80% or higher by our Review College to be considered fundable.