Ecological Reviews

Books at the cutting edge of modern ecology, providing a forum for current topics that are likely to be of long-term importance to the progress of the field.

Ecological Reviews, the BES book series published with Cambridge University Press (CUP), aims to set high international standards in ecological sciences. The series consists of edited, multi-author volumes and each volume provides a synthesis of understanding of a topic that has achieved a critical mass of knowledge in the past five years.

The series is intended to be a source of ideas and inspiration for ecologists at all levels – from graduate students to more established researchers and professionals.

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Recently published

Life in Extreme Environments. di Prisco, Edwards, Elster and Huiskes (Eds)
October 2020. ISBN 9781108724203

Conservation Research, Policy and Practice. Open Access. Sutherland, Brotherton, Davies, Ockendon, Pettorelli and Vickery (Eds)
April 2020. ISBN 9781108714587

Microbiomes of Soils, Plants and Animals. Antwis, Harrison and Cox (Eds)
March 2020. ISBN 9781108462488

Wildlife Disease Ecology: Linking Theory to Data and Application. Wilson, Fenton and Tompkins (Eds)
November 2019. ISBN 9781316501900

Agricultural Resilience: Perspectives from Ecology and EconomicsGardner, Ramsden and Hails  (Eds)
May 2019. ISBN 9781107665873

Grasslands and Climate Change. Gibson and Newman (Eds)
March 2019. ISBN 9781316646779

Rewilding. Pettorelli, Durant and DuToit (Eds)
January 2019. ISBN 9781108460125

In the series

Peatland Restoration and Ecosystem Services. Bonn, Allot, Evans, Joosten and Stoneman (Eds)
June 2016. ISBN 9781107619708

Conflicts in Conservation. Redpath, Gutiérrez, Wood and Young (Eds)
May 2015. ISBN 9781107017696
Reviews: The Times, BES Policy blog

Trophic Ecology. Hanley and La Pierre (Eds)
May 2015. ISBN 9781107077324

Forests and Global ChangeCoomes, Burslem and Simonson (Eds)
December 2013. ISBN 9781107041851

Trait-Mediated Indirect InteractionsOhgushi, Schmitz and Holt (Eds)
December 2012. ISBN 9780521173131

Birds and HabitatFuller (Ed)
November 2012. ISBN 9780521722339
Reviews: The Biologist Vol 61 No 1, The Journal of Wildlife Management Vol 78 No 5, Ecology Vol 95 No 1

The Ecology of Plant Secondary MetabolitesIason, Dicke and Hartley (Eds)
April 2012. ISBN 9780521157124

Urban EcologyGaston (Ed)
September 2010. ISBN 9780521760973

Ecosystem EcologyRaffaelli and Frid (Eds)
March 2010. ISBN 9780521513494

Ecology of Industrial PollutionBatty and Hallberg (Eds)
February 2010. ISBN 9780521514460

Speciation and Patterns of DiversityButlin, Bridle and Schluter (Eds)
January 2009. ISBN 9780521709637

Body Size: The Structure and Function of Aquatic EcosystemsHildrew, Raffaelli and Edmonds-Brown (Eds)
July 2007. ISBN 9780521861724

Scaling BiodiversityStorch, Marquet and Brown (Eds)
July 2007. ISBN 9780521876025

Island ColonizationThornton and New (Eds)
March 2007. ISBN 9780521854849

Biological Diversity and Function in SoilsBardgett, Usher and Hopkins (Eds)
October 2005. ISBN 9780521609876

Biotic Interactions in the TropicsBurslem, Pinard and Hartley (Eds)
September 2005. ISBN 9780521847070

Editorial board

  • Luca Borger (Swansea University, UK): Series Editor
  • Rachael Antwis (University of Salford, UK)
  • Mark Bradford (Yale University, USA)
  • David Burslem (University of Aberdeen, UK)
  • Jane Catford (King’s College London, UK)
  • Markus Eichorn (University College Cork, Ireland)
  • Ivette Perfecto (University of Michigan, USA)

Kate Harrison at the BES Editorial Office coordinates all enquiries, as well as the proposal and production processes.

Submit a proposal

Proposals for Ecological Reviews are welcomed in the form of independent volumes or as products of BES Symposia. They are reviewed by the Editorial Board, BES Publications Committee and CUP.

If you have an idea for a volume please email Kate with a couple of sentences about the topics your volume would cover. We will help you develop your idea into a proposal for review.

How to buy

Ecological Reviews can be ordered from CUP. BES members receive a 25% discount on the cover price of all volumes in the series – visit the members’ area to access the discount code.