Parasite and Pathogen Ecology and Evolution

Bringing together people interested in parasite and pathogen ecology.


Co-Chairs: Louise Cheynel and Lucinda Kirkpatrick 
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Always evolving in response to treatment and interventions, parasites and pathogens are a growing concern for public health, conservation and food security. By studying the complex interactions between hosts, pathogens and the ecosystems they inhabit, parasite ecology has an essential role to play in the Anthropocene. Our SIG brings together ecologists, parasitologists, epidemiologists and geneticists working on a wide range of systems. We organise symposia and social events within conferences organised by the British Ecological Society, the British Society for Parasitology and others. Our monthly newsletter features interviews with members of our research community, announcements and recent publications in BES journals.


  • Provide an informal forum for our community through our monthly newsletter.
  • Publish reviews and concept notes on topical issues such as the role of land use change in disease emergence.
  • Organise symposia and workshops aimed at early career researchers.

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Events and Meetings

We organise symposia, training workshops and social events, mainly as part of larger conferences organised by other organisations, including the British Society for Parasitology, Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Diseases (EEID) and the Wildlife Disease Association. Check our social media feeds for regular announcements, and all upcoming BES events can be found on the Events page.


  • Co-Chairs – Louise Cheynel (University of Liverpool) and Lucinda Kirkpatrick (University of Antwerp)
  • British Society for Parasitology Reps – Jo Cable (Cardiff University) and Dong Xia (The Royal Veterinary College, University of London, UK)
  • ECR and events rep – Amy Sweeny (University of Edinburgh)
  • Events Rep – Lauren Nadler (University of Southampton, UK)
  • Communications reps – Lucy Henshall (University of Aberdeen) and Cassandra Raby (University of Leeds)
  • European representative – Emmanuel Serrano Ferron (University of Barcelona)