Parasite and Pathogen Ecology and Evolution

Bringing together people interested in parasite and pathogen ecology.


Secretary: Olivier Restif
Deputy: Christophe Eizaguirre
Twitter: @ParasiteSIG


The group brings together academic staff, research staff and students from around 20 UK institutions, who have have an interest in parasite ecology or evolution.

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To keep up to date with the latest news and activities of the group, please join the Jisc mailing list. The list is used by the growing community to advertise events, post job information and make requests.

Join the Committee

We are currently recruiting two new committee members! We organise regular research and training events, often as part of larger conferences, and have a strong historic link with the British Society for Parasitology. To ensure our Committee achieves its aims of organising events, connecting the community, and promoting research and interdisciplinary collaborations, we are recruiting for the positions below:

Communications Rep – We are looking for a PhD student with an interest in science communication. We connect with our community through newsletters and social media (Twitter and Facebook), and are looking for someone with strong communication skills to collate content and share it with our followers and members.

Events Rep – We would like to recruit an early career scientist to contribute to the organisation of future events sponsored by the SIG. Events help to bring members of our community together and can take any form, from workshops to conferences. We are looking for someone with good organisational skills and creativity to help us organise and deliver such events.

All SIG committee positions are voluntary and are held for an initial period of three years. The SIG is committed to promoting equality and diversity through its representation, actions and communication. We encourage applications from underrepresented groups. We also welcome applications from academia, charity, government, education, and industry with relevant interests. We will consider affiliation and scientific area to ensure a wide representation across the committee.

Enquiries and applications should be directed to Applications should include a CV and a cover letter/email highlighting contributions you might like to make to the SIG. Closing date: 21 August 2020.

Applications will be considered by the Committee and we may follow up by email or call before appointment.


  • Be a central forum for parasite and pathogen ecologists and evolutionary biologists to make and maintain contacts, exchange and discuss ideas and promote useful events. As a part of this aim the group will play a role in encouraging early career development.
  • Seek collectively to understand the causes of variation in parasite-host interactions with a focus on the ecological and evolutionary influences.
  • Form a coherent body of scientists who can act as a force to inform government policy on funding, conservation and health with respect to parasites and pathogens.

Events and Meetings

Information about all upcoming events can be found on the Events page.


  • Olivier Restif (Secretary)
  • Chris Eizaguirre (Deputy)
  • Jo Cable
  • Ken Wilson
  • Giuseppe Paladini
  • Cassandra Raby
  • Lucinda Kirkpatrick
  • Ben Ashby
  • Anthony Wilson
  • Paula Tierney
  • Emmanuel Serrano-Ferron