The British Ecological Society’s ambitious strategy for 2023-25.

Cover of the strategic plan

The British Ecological Society’s strategy for 2023–2025 is rightly ambitious.

We will rise to the global challenges of climate change and biodiversity loss. We will help people discover the wonder of ecology in their everyday life. And we are backing this ambition with new investment: we expect to put in £2.7 million over these three years to have greater impact.

Our vision

Nature and people thrive in a world inspired by ecology

Our mission

Advancing ecology and creating solutions for a planet under threat

Our values


We are objective and we are the expert voice of ecology


We are innovative and we set the agenda


We are international, we collaborate, and we welcome everyone

The five goals of the strategic plan

Our goals

1. Advance ecological science to deepen our understanding of the living world

We will support new ideas, make connections and increase the impact of ecological science. We will be the best place for the ecological community to publish, meet and discuss their work.

2. Put ecology at the heart of decision-making for a sustainable planet

We will convene policy-makers, implementers and ecologists to discuss ecological challenges and find solutions to global problems. We will build the ecological community’s capacity to influence policy.

3. Nurture a growing community that is strong, equitable and collaborative

We will help everyone feel that ecology is a welcoming and inclusive discipline that celebrates diversity. We will nurture ecologists from their first steps throughout their whole career.

4. Celebrate the wonder of ecology to inspire action and change

We will share stories that tell of the astonishment and importance of ecology. We will excite, encourage and support a new generation of ecologists.

5. Become more sustainable to enable our long-term future, and lead the way in best practice

We will set ambitious targets to reduce our impact on nature and share that journey with others. We will nurture those who work with us in an equitable and inclusive environment. We will develop new income streams.

What we will do

Some of the aims and activities in our strategy will already be familiar to our members and to the public, as they are an essential element of who we are. We will always advance ecological science:

  • Through our publishing portfolio
  • By bringing ecologists together from different disciplines, and
  • By supporting our members all over the world.

There are also new ambitions here.

  • There will be a new focus on facilitating emerging areas of ecology, and working with those not just in policy-making but those involved in implementing change on the land and in the seas.
  • We will set out a coherent path for becoming a Net Zero and nature positive organisation.
  • We will focus relentlessly on equity in all forms.

Read the full Strategic Plan 2023-25 (pdf)