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The REED Ecological Network is a supportive platform from the British Ecological Society for ecologists from under-represented & marginalised ethnicities.

REED Ecological Network

The Racial and Ethnic Equality and Diversity (REED) Ecological Network is a supportive platform for ecologists facing any form of racism and marginalisation within the ecological sciences and related disciplines.

It is for people at all career stages and a source of inspiration for younger generations.

What is the REED Ecological Network?

We invite anyone from communities affected by systemic racism to join the network and work towards a more diverse future for ecology.

The network is for:

  • All who self-identify as Black/Black British, Asian/British Asian or Person of Colour.
  • All who self-identify as Indigenous or with an ethnicity under-represented or marginalised within the ecological, environmental and related communities.
  • Anyone who feels they would benefit from networking with other UK-based and international ecologists for whom racial inequalities are impacting their education, career progression and research.

The network is chaired by Jordan Blanchard Lafayette,with Susmita Aown as vice chair.

You do not need to be BES member to join, but there are benefits to BES membership.

The REED vision

We want ecologists from under-represented or marginalised ethnicities to be more visible, to be supported and have the same opportunities as those who are not disadvantaged by systemic racism.

We want younger generations, and those exploring their options, to know that a career in ecology could be one for them too.

Our aims

  • Support ecologists from all communities affected by systemic racism
  • Break down barriers impeding career progression
  • Highlight and address instances of racism within the ecological sector
  • Act as a source of inspiration for new generations of ecologists

What do we do?

The network is provides peer support, advice and mentoring to our members (both BES members and non-members).

Our members are advancing racial and ethnic equality within ecology, contributing to discussions and reports on the topic and educating the next generation of ecologists.

We recently started Lunchtime Skills Seminars and often circulate relevant opportunities, events and news through our mailing list.

Why get involved?

  • Attend seminars, workshops and other events exclusive to REED members
  • Develop your skills by assisting within the REED network
  • Keep up to date with news related to the network’s aims and objectives
  • Act as mentor or receive mentorship in your journey
  • Network with fellow members and the wider ecological community

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