Write your will for free today

We all know that it’s important to write a will, but sometimes it’s difficult to get round to it. That is why we are giving you the opportunity to write your will for free from your laptop.

A student on the 16-18 summer school

We are offering a limited number of FREE wills to our members and supporters in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland  and Wales through a partnership with Farewill, the UK’s leading provider of online and phone wills. The entire process means that you will not have to attend a physical meeting with a solicitor.

Support the next generation of ecologists  

After looking after your loved ones, we hope that you will consider remembering ecology in your will.

Any gift that you do make to the BES, large or small, will make a big difference in inspiring the next generation of ecologists in the UK and beyond. Gifts will help us secure the future of initiatives such as our 16–18 Summer School which takes 30 young ecologists from schools serving some of the most deprived parts of the UK on their first residential field trip.

Making your free online will in England and Wales 

You can write your will online in 30 minutes, with live expert help and the option to update it at any time without ever setting foot in a solicitor’s office.

Visit https://farewill.com/beswhat and follow the instructions. Enter the voucher code BESWHAT at checkout and you will receive your online will free of charge. Please note, there is an annual charge of £10 which allows you to update your will at any time, but you can cancel this at any time. If you tick the box during the will writing process that gives us permission to get in contact with you we will send  you a confirmation email and message of thanks from our CEO. We will also update you  new developments on our work no more than twice a year. We will never ask you to change your will.

Start your free will

If you need help or have any questions about completing your online will, please call the Farewill Hotline on 020 8050 2686, Monday – Sunday 09:00 to 19:00. However, there are some exceptions. For legal reasons you cannot use the purely online service if you:

  • are resident in Scotland or Northern Ireland
  • have adult dependents
  • own assets outside the UK

To cover these cases – or for supporters in England and Wales who would simply prefer to speak to a trained legal advisor – we have partnered with Farewill to offer free phone wills service

Making your free will over the phone

If you are resident in Scotland or Northern Ireland  or have assets outside the UK you will need to use the phone service to claim your free will.  At present we are unable to offer the free wills service to  our supporters in the Republic of Ireland. There are two ways to start the process of writing your will over the phone.  

  • You can complete an online form and the Farewill team will in touch to book an appointment: https://farewill.com/bes-phone
  • Alternatively, call Farewill on 020 8050 2686 to book in a telephone will appointment. You must notify the Farewill Customer Service team at the very start of the call that you are a supporter of the British Ecological Society and wish to take advantage of our free wills service. 

Please contact our  Senior Development Manager Paul Bower at paul@britishecologicalsociety.org if you have any question about how best to support ecology through leaving a gift in your will, making a donation or even leaving a  Lifetime Gift.  All calls are confidential. We will never call you unless you ask us to. We will never ask how much you intend to leave to BES. We will never ask you to increase your gift if you have been generous enough to leave us one.

BOOK YOUR TELEPHONE will appointment

The impact of gifts in wills

In the past, gifts to the BES have made a significant impact.

The Jackson Legacy helped build accommodation in the Serengeti National Park for African ecologists undertaking long-term field work.

The Parkyn Legacy paid the travel expenses of 42 early-career ecologists from the developing world to attend the INTECOL conference in London, present their research and further their careers.

Our promise to you

Making a will is a critical step in ensuring your legacy. We understand that if you decide to remember BES in your will that your privacy must be respected at all times in a process that you control. We will never call you unless you request it. We will never ask you about your private affairs. We do not employ the services of external fundraising agencies.

No part of any gift you make to the BES will ever be paid in commission to a fundraiser.