Our impact

Members of the REED Ecological Network have contributed to discussions on the lack of racial and ethnic diversity within ecology.

REED Ecological Network

The ecological sector is currently the second-least diverse sector after farming and agriculture.

Our Chair, Reuben Fakoya-Brookes, and Vice-Chair, Bushra Abu-Helil, have been present on several panel discussions on the subject.

Our collective is also vocal through their own activities and experiences, and we encourage members to take all opportunities they can make time for.

Examples of our impact

Below are a few examples of what members have been involved in and where they’ve been vocal:

  • Reuben and Connor Sullivan (Communications Officer) facilitated discussions with Dialogue Matters on behalf of the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM). Reuben also provided advice and guidance throughout the project.
    The topic of discussion was the lack of diversity within the ecological and environmental industries, which CIEEM wished to better understand and find solutions to.
    Read the summary report (pdf)
  • Tasmin Alexander and Bushra contributed to the delivery of the 2021 BES Undergraduate Summer School. They ran a REED Ecological Network social chat channel and social networking session.
    Tasmin wrote about the experience in BES members’ magazine The Niche in Autumn 2021 (available to members)
  • Our members regularly contribute to The Niche. Here’s what a few of us have had to say so far:
    Sakib Ali – Floating Farms: A New Development for Agriculture (Winter 2021)
    Connor – Growing the Network (Winter 2021)
    Arildo Dias – Mental Health Issues in Academia Have Been Aggravated by the Pandemic (Autumn 2021)
    Tasmin – The plight of a little-known endangered species (Spring 2021)
    Bushra – Challenging Race in Ecology (Spring 2021)
    Eden Plummer – We All Care About the World Around Us, So Let’s Care About the People in it Too (Winter 2020)
    Sara Middleton – Decolonising Ecology: Unearthing the Contributions of Black Naturalists (Autumn 2020)

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