Scoring criteria

Criteria used by Review College members to score grant applications.

Scoring Criteria

The following criteria should be used by all Review College members when asked to score our grant applications.

There are two scoring criteria, one for Outreach Grants, and one for all other research based grants. These can be viewed by downloading the PDFs below.

We ask our reviewers to provide a score for Scientific Excellence/Potential of the Project and a score for the Potential of the Candidate. These two scores will then total the Overall Score for the application.

**Please note that the weighting for scoring applicants has now changed. The applicant score now only forms 1/3 of the weighting, and the project score forms the remaining 2/3. This will be reflected in your overall score for each of these sections.**

If you would like to find out more details on each of our grant schemes, including their objectives and requirements, please visit the funding homepage.

Research Scoring Criteria (Including Large Research, Small Research, Ecologists in Africa)

Outreach Scoring Criteria (Outreach only)

Lay Summary Guidelines (Please read this article from The Niche for guidelines on writing an effective lay summary)