BES Award

Our BES Award is made in recognition of exceptional service to the Society.

Learned Societies such as the BES are a vital part of the academic community; fostering careers, providing support, creating opportunities and advocating for their discipline. We would not be able to do this without the tireless efforts of volunteers within the community but often this support is overlooked and undervalued. This Award seeks to highlight the vital contribution that many make to our ecological community.

The Nominations Committee will consider the following criteria when considering nominations:

  • The roles and responsibilities that the nominee has undertaken for the BES in an unpaid capacity.
  • The significance of contribution by the nominee towards the work of the BES.
  • The commitment that the nominee has given to the BES.

The nominations process for this award is currently closed.

Previous recipients of this award include:

Nathalie Pettorelli (2023)
Yvonne Buckley (2022)
Zoe Davies (2021)
Juliet Vickery (2020)
Andrew Beckerman (2019)
Emma Sayer (2018)
Alan Gray (2017)
Keith James Kirby (2016)
Peter Thomas (2015)
Philip Warren (2014)
Libby John (2013)
Sue Hartley (2012)
Hefin Jones (2011)
Mike Hassell (2010)
Malcolm Cherrett (2009)
Valerie Brown (2008)
John Grace (2007)
David Slingsby (2006)
Bryan Turner & Anthony Davy (2005)

(A-Z by surname)
Peter J Grubb
John Lee
John Whittaker
Arthur Willis