Marsh Award for Ecology

Awarded for an outstanding current research record which is having a significant impact on the development of the science of ecology or its application.

It is provided by the Marsh Charitable Trust and administered by the British Ecological Society.  The Award is an honorarium of £1000 and is open to ecologists from anywhere in the world.

The Nominations Committee will consider the following criteria when considering nominations:

  • An outstanding body of research which is making a significant  and demonstrable impact on the understanding of ecology or its application.
  • An excellent publications record.
  • Invitations to speak at international conferences.
  • Service on national and international committees/advisory boards.

The nominations process for this award is currently closed.

Winners to date:

Maria Dornelas (2023)
Kate Jones (2022)
Julia Koricheva (2021)
Teja Tscharntke (2020)
Andy Purvis (2019)
Katherine Willis (2018)
Sandra Lavorel (2017)
Lynne Boddy (2016)
Jane Memmott (2015)
Rosie Woodroffe (2014)
Kevin Gaston (2013)
Tim Coulson (2012)
EJ Milner-Gulland (2011)
Jeremy Thomas (2010)
Mike Begon (2009)
Christian Körner (2007)
Philip Ineson (2006)
Ilkka Hanski (2005)
Stephen Hubbell (2004)
Andrew Watkinson (2003)
Jim Brown (2002)
Sam Berry (2001)
William Sutherland (2000)
John Harper (1999)
Phil Grime (1998)
John Lawton (1997)