Founders’ Prize

Our Founders’ Prize commemorates the enthusiasm and vision of the Society’s founders.

It is awarded to an outstanding early career ecologist who is starting to make a significant contribution to the science of ecology. The Prize complements those given to students at the beginning of their career (Best Paper by an Early Career Ecologist, Anne Keymer and Poster Prizes) and those given to senior ecologists (President’s Medal and the Marsh Award for Ecology). The award is now given annually and is an honorarium of £1000 given at our Annual Meeting.

The Nominations Committee will consider the following criteria when considering nominations:

  • Nominees must normally be no more than 8 years post PhD but account will be taken of career breaks and part-time working.
  • Nominees should be making a significant contribution to our understanding of ecology or its application, as evidenced by a strong publications record in the ecological research literature, invitations to speak at national conferences and similar marks of achievement and esteem.

The nominations process for this award is currently closed.

Prize winners to date include:

Dr Rebecca Senior (2023)
Dr Chris Clements (2022)
Dr Dara Stanley (2021)
Dr Tommaso Jucker (2020)
Prof. Tom Crowther (2019)
Dr Gabriel Yvon-Durocher (2018)
Dr Liza Comita (2017)
Dr Julia Blanchard (2016)
Dr Julia Jones (2014)
Dr Owen Lewis (2010)
Dr Collin Osborne (2008)
Dr Andrew Beckerman (2006)


(A-Z by surname)

Dr Chris Clements
Dr William Cresswell
Dr Rob Freckleton
Dr Toby Gardner
Professor Alison Hester
Dr Hanna Kokko
Dr Oliver Phillips
Dr Mark Rees
Dr Rebecca Senior