Journal of Applied Ecology

Jos Barlow; 
Martin Nuñez; 
Romina Rader; 
Tadeu Siqueira; 
Cate Macinnis-Ng
Journal of Applied Ecology
The Applied Ecologist
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Aim: To drive forward the field of applied ecology by providing a high-quality evidence base for scientists, managers and policymakers

Journal of Applied Ecology publishes novel, broad-reaching and high-impact papers on the interface between ecological science and the management of biological resources. The journal includes all major themes in applied ecology, such as conservation biology, global change, environmental pollution, wildlife and habitat management, land use and management, aquatic resources, restoration ecology, and the management of pests, weeds and disease.

The Editors encourage contributions with a methodological focus or those that use applied ecological problems to test and develop basic theory, although all articles must have explicit potential for impact on the management of ecosystems. Submissions on managed species will be considered where they are shown to support conservation or ecosystem service provision via an ecological process (e.g. herbivory, pollination, predation, parasitism).

For further details, authors are encouraged to read the Editorial, Achieving and communicating globally relevant applied ecological research.

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