Badger Cull Proposals Rejected

The BBC has this morning reported that the Government has decided not to press ahead with the proposed cull of badgers in England. The formal policy announcement is due on Monday 7 July.

The NFU is disappointed by the decision and has accused the Government of lacking leadership. The organisation plans a demonstration outside Parliament next week. The NFU claim that, unchecked, bovine TB could cost the economy £1 billion in compensation and control measures.

Last year, the Independent Scientific Group looking at this issue published the results of their long-term study into the effectiveness of culling badgers to control the spread of TB to cattle. They concluded that whilst a long-term, large scale cull could be effective, the impact was inconclusive and culling was likely to be an uneconomical solution. Scientists have argued that better biosecurity is the way to keep the disease under control, along with the use of any vaccine which may be developed. The Government’s then chief scientific advisor, Sir David King, published a report following the ISG publication, arguing that a cull should go ahead.