Case needs to be made for science now

An extremely interesting and insightful editorial in this week’s Nature (13 May, 465, p135):

“An analysis by London’s The Times newspaper shows that some 71 canddidates with scientific backgrounds have been elected, down from 86 of the 650 members in the last parliament…The case must be made to members of all thee major parties that science is an important driver of Britain’s economy; that it can provide crucial solutions to major issues such as energy independence and that it deserves strong support even during times of economic cutback. These arguments will hold more sway if they are cast in a non-partisan light.”

“in the run up to the general election, CaSE encouraged all parties to make their positions on science known, and in its aftermath the organisation must work to inform a new government’s science policies…Other scientific societies should rally their memberships to get word out to new parliamentarians about the value of science. A well orchestrated, non-partisan apppeal early in the life of the parliament could leave a lasting impression.”

The BES will be doing all it can in the coming weeks and months to stress the value of science to the new government. If you’re a member of the BES interested in forming links with your local MP, get in touch with us and we can provide a briefing to help you to communicate the value of ecology to them.