Conservatives to Reaffirm Green Policies

In a speech he is due to deliver today, the leader of the Conservatives, David Cameron, will reaffirm his party’s commitment to green policies, stressing that the global credit crunch has not led to a watering down of his commitment to this agenda. He is expected to say that he recognises that it is harder for the public to go green when economic times are hard, but that the world “can not afford” to do more to save the planet.

Mr Cameron is expected to say that the only way to “realistic environmentalism”, harmonising social, economic and environmental concerns, is to ” develop a strategy… not ignoring economic realities and just pressing on regardless, but understanding economic realities and using them as a spur to innovation and imagination. Although fighting climate change may seem like a step too far to cash-strapped families, Mr Cameron will insist that;”The truth is it’s not that we can’t afford to go green – it’s that we can’t afford not to go green.”

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