Lauren Buckley – Thu 1 Apr

This free online talk on understanding the responses of organisms to climate change will be broadcast on Zoom as part of Ecology Live 2021.

Lauren Buckley

Thursday 1 Apr

15:00 UK time / 10:00 US Eastern time

Lauren Buckley

University of Washington, USA

Forecasting ecological and evolutionary responses by characterizing how organisms experience climate change

To accurately forecast ecological and evolutionary responses to environmental change, we must be able to appropriately characterise environmental variation and how organisms respond to that variation. This talk will not only highlight the need to accurately characterise organismal responses to environmental variation, but also present tools to meet that need.

I will present research examining how phenotypes such as colouration determine how montane insects experience environmental variation, and show that interplay between phenotypic plasticity and evolution is central to climate change responses.

I will then discuss how we can use new TrEnCh (Translating Environmental Change) project tools for estimating microclimate and body temperatures (TrenchR), visualising how organisms experience their environment (TrEnCh-IR) and building student understanding of climate change responses (TrEnCh-Ed).

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