Forest Now Decleration

Forests Now is a campaign to stop deforestation, because tropical forest ecosystems act as carbon sinks and provide ecosystems services that every human being depends on. Forests in the developing world support the livelihood of 1.4 billion people, but the demand for timber and biofuels are causing these regions to contribute 18-25% of global carbon emissions to the atmosphere.

Forests Now are asking Governments to include tropical forests in carbon markets. They have suggested that:

  • Carbon market rules should encourage reforestation, afforestation and sustainable forest management.
  • That tropical forest and land use carbon credits should be included in the EU Trading Scheme.
  • Incentives that encourage the sustainable use of degraded land and ecosystems ought to be in place.
  • Assistance should be available for developing nations so they can participate in carbon markets.
  • All national and international carbon markets include carbon credits for reduced emissions from deforestation and the protection of standing forests.