“Future Water” – New Strategy for England

The Government has today published a new strategy for water management in England. “Future Water” aims to tackle the pollution of rivers, lakes and streams, alongside ensuring the sustainable use of England’s water supply.

The strategy includes proposals on how to tackle surface water drainage and reduce water pollution by tackling contaminants at their source. The launch of the strategy is accompanied by the launch of consultations on both the reduction of phosphates in the water supply and on the management of surface water. The Government hopes that phosphates can be phased out of use in domestic laundry products by 2015.

Other aspects of the strategy include:

  • Bringing water companies within the scope of the Carbon Reduction Commitment scheme. The water sector has committed to a 20% target for renewable energy by 2020 and is investigating ways to mitigate the non-carbon emissions produced during water processing.
  • Plans to consult later this year on proposals to make the abstraction licensing system better able to cope with climate change, balancing the demand for essential water supplies with damage to aquatic ecosystems and wildlife. This will precede a National Policy Statement in 2009.