Landscapes of the Future – 8th June

Eleanor Kean, the current BES-sponsored Fellow at the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology, will be launching her POSTnote on ‘Landscapes of the Future’ on 8th June. This event will take place in Westminster, London from 10.30am – 12pm.

Many pressures, such as population increase and climate change, will exacerbate competition for land in the next few decades. The UK National Ecosystem Assessment, due to be published at the start of June, is the first assessment of the benefits UK society gains from the natural environment, as well as options to secure delivery into the future. Additionally, the government is expected to publish ambitious plans to protect the natural environment at the start of June in the Natural Environment White Paper. Multifunctional landscapes, which balance competing demands for space, can help adaptation and increase resilience to environmental change. This crosses many sectors and policy areas, but in particular land use planning.

Leading experts in the field will contribute to the discussion, chaired by Barry Gardiner MP.

To attend, please email POST events or call 020 7219 8377.

A full programme will be available from the POST website shortly.