Chris Pollard

Image of Chris Pollard
Social Scientist at Forest ResearchHuman dimensions of plant and tree health; Conservation conflict; Monitoring and evaluation of social-ecological interventions.

Committee role: Vice-Chair

I’ve been on the SPG committee since 2014 when I started my PhD at the University of Stirling. My research at the time involved studying the conflict between conservationists and farmers caused by wild geese damaging crops in Scotland

Throughout my PhD and now as a government researcher in EdinburghI’ve been lucky enough to be involved with loads of SPG activities: policy training days, consultation responses and  my personal favourite  the Pie and a Pint events! My job in the Social and Economic Research Group at Forest Researchfocusses on understanding the social aspects of various plant and tree policy questions in the UK and beyond. 

These include research areas such as the impact of trees on human wellbeing, land manager behaviour, measuring cultural ecosystem services, and the human dimensions of plant health and biosecurityI’m particularly interested in the science surrounding how people cooperate to tackle complex social-ecological challenges. Similarly, I love working with other members of the committee to build new and strong connections between scientists and those involved with policy in Scotland!