Celebrating Pride Month 2024!

To celebrate this year’s pride month, our journals have invited contributors for a series of blog posts. This series aims to promote the visibility and inclusion of LGBTQIA+ researchers, with posts promoting them and their research.

Read on to find out more about the research and lives of ecologist from across the LGBTQIA+ community.

Numair Masud

“This article is a call to action. For this Pride series, we must learn to see beyond our labels and individual experiences”

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Jill Love

“For queer field researchers far from home, Pride means so much more than its symbolism – it is a chance to belong.”

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Kelsey Byers

“At the end it is up to society, up to my fellow scientists and researchers and other colleagues to stop assuming, to stop erasing my identity just because it is unfamiliar.”

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Nathaniel Wells

“Knowing that my openness could help someone else feel less alone and more confident in their identity has been incredibly rewarding”

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