Science Communication: Still More to Do

The latest Public Attitudes to Science Survey (PAS) was launched today by Research Councils UK and DIUS. The Survey, for which over 3,000 members of the public were questioned about their perceptions of science in society, found that 73% of participants would like scientists to discuss scientific research, along with its ethical and social implications, with the public. 78% agreed that members of the public should hear about new areas of science and technology before they happen, not after. TV remains the most common way for the public to find out about science, although the use of the Internet for this purpose is growing.

Only one in ten young people said that science would make a good career choice.

Minister for Science and Innovation, Ian Pearson MP, commenting at the launch, said : “…a key challenge for the scientific community is to ensure it continues to communicate with the public about the research scientists are engaging in and the positive and negative issues that may arise from it.”