Wales Pioneer Green Technology

In a recent visit to a G24i, a solar energy technology centre, Assembly Minister Jane Davidson highlighted how clean technology lies at the heart of efforts to tackle climate change:

“Our ability to develop 21st century technologies that cuts our carbon and environmental footprints will be vital. G24i is a great example of how Wales is playing its part. The solar technology being developed and manufactured here is the future.”

Advanced solar cells that can be incorporated into fabrics in rucksacks are amongst some of the innovations G24i have developed. In a recent review of the top 100 technology companies in Europe, Wales is host to six of these; G24i featuring in the list.

Ms. Davidson went on:

“Here in Wales we are providing a lead when it comes to green technology. We have a number of pioneering companies that are developing science that will play a huge role in our lives. Climate change, the global economic situation and the rising costs of fuel mean mankind will have to discover and develop new ways to live and work – we are determined Wales plays a central part in this.”

Wales is currently the UK’s leader when it comes to developing clean technology. Of the UK’s regional administrations, Wales was the first to publish a Renewable Energy route map, leading the way on innovative alternative energy. Europe’s leading eco-centre – the Centre for Alternative Technology, also resides in Wales.