BES Membership in 2022

Make the most out of membership in 2021

Get access to all our seven journals automatically as a member. In addition you can take advantage of:
  • 30% discount with Oxford University Press on life science publications
  • 25% discount on our Ecological Reviews book series published with Cambridge University Press
  • 25% discount on Article Processing Charges (APCs) when publishing open access in Functional Ecology, Journal of Animal Ecology, Journal of Applied Ecology and Journal of Ecology
  • 20% discount when publishing as first or corresponding author in our fully open access journal’s People and Nature, Ecological Solutions and Evidence and Methods in Ecology and Evolution
  • 10% discount when publishing directly with our Ecology and Evolution journal
  • Big discounts on registration fees for BES run and sponsored meetings such as our Annual Meeting
  • FREE online and telephone will writing service in the UK
Visit the homepage of the Members Area to access the discount codes.


Our first grant round of 2021 is open now! Many of our grants are member-only, including our Small and Large Research grants.

Deadline for submissions is 19 March. If you miss out on this round of applications, our second grant round will open mid-July.


We run a wide range of events through the year. We are currently holding our events virtually so members can join from around the world. Whether you want to keep up with the latest ecological research, or get involved with one of our Special Interest Groups, head to our events page to see which might interest you. Upcoming opportunities include:
  • Ecology Live – free online talks every Thursday on the latest ecological research starting Thursday 4 March
  • Join the Forest SIG and the Institute of Chartered Foresters exploring and showcasing research on urban greenspace – 3 – 4 February 2021
  • AER Live – free, interactive, online workshops covering a range of useful topics for applied ecologists and practitioners – next workshop Thursday 18 February
Keep a look out on our events page for more opportunities later in the year.


Our quarterly magazine for members, The Niche keeps you up to date on the latest news and the world of ecology. Our magazine is all about you and your science, so get in touch with the Editor if you would like to contribute and share your experience as an ecologist.

View our Winter Issue digitally now and look out for the next issue coming in March!


We offer a range of resources, events, training programmes targeted at different career stages. Current opportunities include:
    • Digital Training Hub – new resources and courses in 2021 for example; ‘Digital Event Production’ and ‘YouTubing for Ecologists’
    • Training opportunities will be expanded and we will be reaching out to you to hear which topics you would most value
    • Public Engagement networking and project participation – opportunities will be advertised soon to join our ‘Engagement Project Working Groups’ with the chance to participate in new projects; such as developing and delivering our first ever ‘Digital Capturing Ecology Exhibition’


We publish seven high-profile international journals in ecology, as well as our book series, Ecological Reviews and blogs for the international research community. Our journals are truly global, with reviewers and authors contributing from over 160 countries all over the world. As a member you receive free access to all of our journal content.

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