Jasmine Weedon (They/Them)

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Environmental Engagement OfficerPublic Perceptions of Biodiversity; Science Communication and Outreach; Coastal Ecology

Environmental Engagement Officer for Mumbles Community Council.

Jasmine studied BSc Zoology with a Year in Industry at Swansea University, graduating in 2021. Throughout their degree, Jasmine specialised in biodiversity, conservation and ecology. They recently co-authored a paper in People and Nature on public perceptions of biodiversity.

Jasmine enjoys working on science communication and outreach projects. In 2021, Jasmine received a Young Darwin scholarship from the Field Studies Council, which provided them with training in field identification and science communication.

Jasmine has an interest in a range of ecosystems. In their current role, Jasmine works within woodlands, public parks, coastal bays, semi-improved and amenity grasslands. As a Research Assistant for Swansea University’s Coastal Ecology Research Laboratory Jasmine worked on a range of intertidal projects. This included helping to collect data on saltmarsh flooding for the SEACAMS 2 project, ecological engineering solutions, and seaweed for the ECOSTRUCTURE project. They gained experience within aquaculture through volunteering with the Killifish Laboratory and the Centre for Sustainable Aquatic Research at Swansea University for 18 months.

Jasmine is a non-binary scientist, and member of the BES LGBT+ group. They hope to help make ecology and policy accessible to a wider range of people.

Jasmine has a background in working with councils to develop environmental policy. Alongside their current role, they were a member of Peterborough Youth Council for 5 years. During this time, they were an elected representative at Sustainability and Environmental Capital Scrutiny meetings with Peterborough City Council.

Jasmine is thrilled to be a member of the Welsh policy group. They believe that wildlife policy and legislation is vitally important for conserving ecosystems and safeguarding the well-being of future and current generations.

Email – Juweedon@gmail.com

Twitter – @BiodiversityResearchWales

Pronouns: They/Them