Niall McKeown

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Lecturer and Researcher in Conservation BiologyApplied Population Genetics, Biodiversity & Ecosystem Services, Sustainability, Climate Change, Marine & Freshwater Systems, Ornithology, Mammals, Insects

Committee Role: Vice Chair

I am a lecturer and Researcher at Aberystwyth University. My research group is focused on applying genetic methods to understand populations, species, and ecosystems. While this research spans broad topics in ecology and evolution there is a major emphasis on providing information and recommendations for policy development related to the conservation of biodiversity and the sustainable management of resources, such as fisheries.

I lead several projects on marine fisheries in Wales with links to themes such as marine licensing, planning, management, and conservation. I am also actively involved in research related to seaweed, aquaculture, as well as terrestrial and avian species. I have forged strong links with local action groups, such as the Vincent wildlife Trust, with whom I am collaborating to generate scientific evidence for the development of conservation strategies and public engagement in Wales. My ongoing research in Europe, Africa, and South America, has also provided me with an international perspective on the challenges and importance of research-led policy design.


Aberystwyth University: Staff Profiles  : Institute of Biological, Environmental and Rural Sciences , Aberystwyth University

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