Catherine Duigan

Image of Catherine Duigan
Independent Environmental ConsultantUsing evidence to inform environmental management and policy development; Nature Conservation; Biodiversity; Protected Areas; Nature Networks; Natural History.

Catherine Duigan is an independent environmental consultant with an international research background working on freshwater habitats and paleoenvironmental studies.   She has held senior positions in the Countryside Council for Wales, Natural Resources Wales and the UK Joint Nature Conservation Committee.  Working with colleagues and partners, her mission has been to secure the evidence to inform environmental management and policy development across marine, freshwater and terrestrial environments.   She edited and co-authored a major book on The Rivers of Wales, and her scientific publications focus on nature conservation and protected areas.

Now Catherine is using this experience and knowledge to help organisations needing technical support and environmental advice.

Catherine is an honorary Professor in Environmental Science at Aberystwyth University and a Fellow of the Freshwater Biological Association, the Linnean Society and the Royal Society of Biology.  She also has an interest in natural and social heritage issues in Wales, and she is researching the biography of an early freshwater scientist at Aberystwyth University.