Caroline Bowen

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Mature Student and freelance planning advocateLand Use, Protected Landscapes, the Natural World

I’m a Chartered Planner, currently studying at the Centre for Alternative Technology graduate school for an MSc in Sustainability and Ecology. I originally specialised in countryside and environmental planning, and subsequently spent 16 years as a Senior Planner in a National Park planning department . Working on a review of planning permissions for likely significant effect on European Protected sites, together with some practical experience with the Park’s ecologist counting bats emerging from a Pembrokeshire castle, reminded me that the consequences of development reach far wider than just the socio-economic realm…

So, I’ve returned to my environmental beginnings and now advocate for low impact development which recognises that human land use should respect the prevailing ecology, and work with ecosystems to prevent continued biodiversity loss. The British Ecological Society is at the forefront of scientific research on ecology, and I believe this valuable evidence base is crucial to supporting effective policy and decision-making for the natural environment.  I feel very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to be a part of this Wales Policy Group; and am looking forward supporting all who put ecology at the heart of what they do!