Camilla Morrison-Bell

Image of Camilla Morrison-Bell
Forestry Commission

Committee Role: Chair

I have been working in environmental policy roles for twelve years and have always been particularly focused on trying to ensure the latest evidence is incorporated into policy development. I worked in the BES’s policy team for five years and during that time I worked closely with the membership to utilise their ecological evidence and disseminate it to policymakers. I was involved in the running of the BES Scottish Policy Group and the setting up of the Wales Policy Group so I am particularly excited to now be Chairing the English Policy Group.  

Over the years I have been involved in a number of policy working groups and have chaired a few including the Wildlife and Countryside Link Invasive Non-Native Species Group, and the Irish Environmental Network Marine and Fisheries group. With my experience, both at the BES and with other policy groups, as well as the varied skills those of us on the EPG Core Group have, we will hopefully develop interesting, relevant and helpful events.  

Before the BES, I was the Policy Officer at Plantlife as well as holding policy and research roles within the Natural Environment Department of An Taisce, Ireland’s Natural Trust. My undergraduate degree is in Environmental Science from Trinity College Dublin and my masters is in Rural Environmental Conservation and Management from University College Dublin.