Hannah Romanowski

Image of Hannah Romanowski
PhD Researcher - Rothamsted Research and the University of Bristol

I am an ecologist, currently doing my PhD at Rothamsted Research and the University of Bristol. My current research is investigating change in insect populations across the UK as a potential driver of long-term population change in insectivorous birds and bats. I use data from world-class long-term monitoring programmes such as the Rothamsted Insect Survey and the National Bat Monitoring Programme to explore national trends. Alongside the use of secondary data, I also collect bioacoustic data from the field to test hypotheses relating to spatial and temporal associations between nocturnal insects and bats. I have also studied the association between the diet of swifts during chick raising and insect availability, to explore their potential as a tool for pest suppression in agricultural landscapes. 

I have a great passion for policy, and bridging the gap between scientific research and meaningful change. I am particularly interested in national policy and its challenges. I recently published a policy analysis that qualitatively analysed the policies and controversies around neonicotinoid use on sugar beet in England. I found engagement with farmers and policy makers extremely rewarding. 

I am thrilled to be joining the EPG so that I can contribute where I can at the forefront of ecological and environmental change.