Charlotte Hopkins

Image of Charlotte Hopkins
Lecturer in Marine Biology - University of Hull

Before starting my role as a Lecturer in Marine Biology at the University of Hull, I carried out a PhD at the University of Glasgow on how we can consider climate change in the development of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). My research at the time involved studying the Scottish MPA network as well as international case studies of MPA networks. I have also studied sustainable fisheries management in Bangladesh, coral reef health in Egypt and shark fin commodity chains in Madagascar.  

My current research encompasses marine planning in the North Sea, small-scale fisheries, marine “rewilding” and marine conservation more generally. I am particularly interested in understanding human perceptions of the marine environment and how these can be incorporated into conservation, planning, marine management and sustainable use. 

My work is strongly focused on being policy relevant, using experience gained in my previous role as a Marine Policy Officer for Scottish Environment LINK. I am very excited to be joining the EPG as a core member working at the interface of science and policy.  

Twitter: @HopkinsChar