Tiffany Ki

Image of Tiffany Ki
PhD Researcher - University of York

I’m a PhD student at the University of York and the Natural History Museum looking at the impact of climate change on tropical montane butterflies in Sulawesi, Indonesia. My research interests more broadly are focussed around using museum collections to understand long-term change in biodiversity (particularly insects!) and informing effective conservation action today. 

In order to make effective and efficient use of the limited resources afforded to conservation, I firmly believe that, as a conservation scientist, it is critical to understand how policy is developed, the differences in needs and timescales between researchers and policymakers, and how research can be effectively translated into policy action. 

And the BES provides plenty of opportunities to do so – from informal events, such as Pie and a Pints, to more formal experiences, like a day shadowing a Minister or longer term policy internships and fellowships. I joined the BES-EPG in the first year of my PhD (2022) and prior to that I worked in the Policy Team at the BES, where I developed my ability in identifying policy windows for ecological evidence, finding the types of evidence needed to support policy and writing policy reports.