Thomas Cameron

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Professor of Applied Ecology and Director of the Centre for Environment and Society - University of Essex

Committee Role: Vice Chair

I am a Senior Lecturer in Ecology and Deputy Director of Impact in the School of Life Sciences at the University of Essex. We are situated on the vast and nature rich coastal fringes of Essex, near Colchester, and as such my groups research focusses on better understanding of animal and plant populations living in these coastal and marine environments, as well as those at the freshwater and terrestrial interface with our coasts. Currently we are working on wild and farmed shellfish responses to global change, and using this to support sustainability in aquaculture and restoration of wild native shellfish. We are working on the ecosystem function and service of recovering and restored aquatic habitats including freshwater floodplains, oyster beds, saltmarshes and intertidal seagrasses.   As well as a focus on how mobile species use these habitats including nurseries for marine fish, spatial scales of waterfowl habitat use and how these mobile vertebrates interact with humans and the effects we have on their environment. 

Much of our research is stakeholder led and we work closely with DEFRA, CEFAS, Natural England, the environment Agency, Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authorities, a range of stakeholder groups from coastal communities and NGOs to seek answers to questions that will improve conservation advice and decision making.  We are always open to visiting scholars, students and new ideas – so by all means get in touch. 

Twitter @ecoevoenviron