Stephen Beal

Image of Stephen Beal
Nature Conservation Adviser - National Trust

I am ecologist and Nature Conservation Adviser for the National Trust, where I support our staff and tenant farmers to protect and restore nature whilst balancing the need for public access and sustainable livelihoods. Ecological restoration is a personal and professional interest of mine, and I have extensive experience of large-scale habitat restoration and species recovery projects. 

In previous roles I worked on a diverse portfolio of projects including researching the socio-economic benefits of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs), Red List assessments for European habitats and Article 17 reporting for European protected habitats. 

I am excited to join the BES English Policy Group as evidenced-led policy is a key tool for restoring nature at scale and pace. I hope to bring a practitioner’s perspective to the group and build links between the academic, practitioner and policy communities, leading to more inclusive and evidence-led policy decisions.