Caitlin Lewis

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Forest Research

I am an environmental scientist at Forest Research. I manage the ICP Forests Level II monitoring network in the UK which consists of 7 forest plots where we monitor the impacts of air pollution on forest ecosystem functioning. Our 7 sites are part of a larger, European network, which has been operational since 1996 and contributed significantly to air quality policies. I am also a site manager in UKCEH’s Ecological Change Network, looking after the Alice Holt ECN site, where we routinely monitor invertebrate and vegetation diversity.  

Previously I was a full-time PhD student at the University of Reading. My project investigated the impact of former land use on nitrate leaching from UK forests, focusing particularly on the scenario of converting non-native coniferous plantations to broadleaved species. Prior to my PhD I volunteered in a number of on-the-ground conservation roles including with the RSPB’s Operation Osprey in Scotland, and the Cheetah Outreach and SANCCOB projects in South Africa.    

During my PhD I had the opportunity to complete a 3-month fellowship with the House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee, where I was involved in organising and preparing supporting materials for inquiries on a range of topics connected to climate and nature. I continued to stay up-to-date with environmental policy developments through organising events on LNRS, woodland creation, and agroforestry, as a committee member for the International Association for Landscape Ecology UK.