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Mordecai Ogada Overseas Bursary Winner

DFID Launches New Strategy

The Secretary of State for International Development, Rt Hon Douglas Alexander MP, launched DFID’s new five-year strategy for research yesterday in London. DFID’s portfolio of research is to be broadened from four to six major research priorities, putting research on climate change and growth centre stage. DFID will spend approximately £1 billion on development research over the next five years, working with Research Councils UK and international funding bodies to deliver its priorities.

As part of the over-arching strategy, DFID have launched research strategies for Sustainable Agriculture and Climate Change. Funding for research on agriculture, fisheries and forestry will be doubled by 2010. DFID is to expand and diversity its research into climate change, focusing on: climate science, especially in Africa; tackling climate change in national and international policy; strategies for adapting to climate change; and mitigation and low carbon growth. DFID will establish an International Climate Change Network to provide in-country research and advisory services.

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