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FE Special Focus

Phenology-trait relationships across different scales and organisational levels

The aim of this Special Focus in Functional Ecology is to compile the research and expertise of field ecologists, macro-ecologists, and modelers on phenology-trait relationships in plants and animals across spatial, temporal, and organizational scales. This Special Focus responds to the growing realization that we need to gain deeper insights into the relationships between phenology and functional traits to address upcoming challenges such as extinction, (re-)distribution, or adaptation of species, as well as mismatches in biotic interactions resulting from their responses to global change.

Deadline for proposals: 31 October 2023

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Cross-journal Special Feature

Biodiversity, planning and development – towards best practice

This joint Special Feature between Ecological Solutions and EvidenceJournal of Applied Ecology and People and Nature draws on global research and practice to consolidate an interdisciplinary collection of evidence on the role of planning in reversing biodiversity decline, focusing on:

  • Application of new theories
  • Planning processes for achieving net positive outcomes
  • Barriers and opportunities to the implementation of biodiversity measures
  • Ecological measuring and monitoring efficacy
  • Stakeholder engagement and public participation in planning

By consolidating empirical evidence into a Special Feature, we hope to bridge the gaps between academia, practice, different disciplines and geographies to overcome the uncertainty inherent in decision-making frameworks and make more ecologically optimal decisions.

Deadline for proposals: 30th November 2023

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MEE Special Feature

Conservation, Ecology and Artificial Intelligence: advances and symbiotic solutions

This special feature in Methods in Ecology and Evolution will gather the growing community of interdisciplinary ecologists, conservationists, data scientists, and AI researchers to create a corpus of the latest advances in ecological AI. Papers which only provide a machine learning benchmark dataset with baseline numbers or new ML methods alone are not suitable for this special feature. Instead, we are looking for contributions that contextualize ML tools in the greater ecological system, use ML as a component of ecological analyses, describe deployed systems that include ML, measure how the ML contributes to broader ecological impact.

Deadline for proposals: 1st December 2023

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