Grant Stories

Read about how BES grant funding makes an impact for both research and the researcher.

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The British Ecological Society distributes almost £375,000 each year to advance research in ecology, either through small grants, outreach grants, large grants or grants for ecologists in Africa. But where do these grants go, and what impact do they have for the researcher, for ecology and for the wider world?

Large Research Grants

Kulbhushansingh Suryawanshi

Will revitalising wild prey abundance increase or decrease livestock predation by snow leopards?

Kulbhushan’s story


Joanne Littlefair

Using traces of DNA archived in sediments (sedDNA) to reconstruct past communities of organisms

Joanne’s story


Small Research Grants

Algar small research grant

Adam Algar

Effects of future warming on the ecological functioning of an invasive crayfish in UK waters

Adam’s story


Francois-Xavier Joly

What drives the quality and decay of soil detritivore faeces – the ingested litter quality or the animal identity

Francois-Xavier’s story


Ecologists in Africa

Ecologists in Africa - Rurangwa

Marie Laure Rurangwa

Impact of land-use change on bird communities in a biodiversity hotspot: a case study of Nyungwe landscape

Laure’s story


Oju Ibor

Ecological and biomarker responses of environmental contamination resulting from solid waste dumpsites

Oju’s story



Outreach Grants

Outreach grant - O'Sea

Sara Thornton

Into the Swamp – Stories from the Peatlands of Borneo

Sara’s story


Owen O’Shea

Holistic approaches to ecological monitoring in a tropical anchialine ecosystem

Owen’s story


Supporting pioneering ecological research is at the heart of the Society’s activities, and with this we aim to help strengthen the ecological community around the world.

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