"We were able to put together a packed programme of activities to help introduce the public to key ecological topics."

Anna Bunney Grant recipient

Grants & Awards

Grants & Awards

The Society provides grants to promote excellent ecological research, help fund training and travel and to communicate the science of ecology as widely as possible. In recent years, over £300,000 per annum has been awarded through the various Society grants.

The next grant deadline will be midnight on Friday 27 March 2015.

Please note all research applications require two personal reference statements. Both referee statements must be completed online before the application deadline. Therefore please ensure you submit your application in good time before the date above to allow time for your referees to complete this online.

Research Grants

These grants support scientific ecological research where there are limited alternative sources of funding.  Small projects can be awarded up to £5,000 and early career ecologists can apply for funding up to £20,000.

Ecologists in Africa

This grant provides support for ecologists in Africa to carry out innovative ecological research.  The BES recognises that ecologists in Africa face unique challenges in carrying out ecological research and this grant is designed to provide them with support to develop their skills, experience and knowledge base as well as making connections with ecologists in the developed world.

The maximum value of a grant is £8,000 for research and an additional sum up to £2,000 may be requested to fund travel.

Training and Travel Grants

This grant is to support the training and development of students and postgraduate research assistants (RAs) or their equivalent.  Grants of up to £1,000 are available.

Outreach Grants

The BES encourages its members and others to promote ecological science to a wide audience. To this end, we offer Outreach Grants of up to £2,000.

Honours, Awards and Prizes

The BES has a number of honours, awards and prizes to reward exceptional contributions in various fields of ecology. The BES also runs an Annual Photographic Competition, open to BES members only.

BES Reports

The BES requires reports for various BES grants in order for us to monitor the effectiveness of the grants portfolio as well as providing links to grant reports and/or references to published papers in order to assist in the dissemination of research findings.

The Society expects grant recipients to make their data publically available.

Giving to the BES

The BES currently runs a Legacy Giving program as a way to increase the scope and impact of the BES grants portfolio and for individuals to directly contribute to the future of the science of ecology through financial donations.

Other Funders

Here the BES has listed some other funding organisations that may be of relevance to ecologists.

Grant Archives

Here the BES keeps the archives of grants that have been discontinued as a record for the BES but also for reference by other organisations that may be thinking of running similar grants.

Note: Funding is not available for projects or activities which have already taken place or are planned to commence before the grant deadline.

It is a condition of all grants that the contribution of the BES is acknowledged in any publications or publicity that may arise from this study. Please notify us of any publications supported by this funding.

All of the above grants and further information can be accessed through the menus on the left hand side of this webpage.

For any queries regarding grants, please contact our Grants & Events Officer, Amy Everard

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