Plant Environmental Physiology

Promoting the science and practice of plant environmental physiology


Co-secretaries: Katie Field (BES) and Saoirse Tracy  (SEB)
Communications officer: Jen Cunniff

Social media: Facebook and Twitter


The Plant Environmental Physiology Group (PEPG) is one of the Special Interest Groups within the British Ecological Society and the Society for Experimental Biology. You can access more information about the group on Society for Experimental Biology website.

Plant environmental physiology represents the study of short-term acclimation and long-term adaptation of plants to changing environmental conditions. Our traditional goal has been to integrate leaf and plant- level responses to biotic and abiotic stress under field and laboratory conditions. Increasingly, our focus has been either to set molecular physiology in an ecological context, or to provide a basis for scaling root and shoot level responses to canopy, ecosystem and region in the context of climate change, whether for crops or natural vegetation.


  • Advance and promote the science and practice of plant environmental physiology
  • Integrate the plant environmental physiology community and research opportunities within and outside the BES and SEB
  • Support, train and liaise with young plant environmental physiologists

 Events and Meetings

Join us for our Social at the BES Annual Meeting in Liverpool!

Plant Environmental Physiology SIG
Tuesday 13 December
Meet in reception or at The Baltic Fleet Pub at 18:30

PEPG is holding a pub quiz get-together this year on Tuesday 13th December at 18.30 in The Baltic Fleet brew pub (), just up the road from the ACC in Liverpool.  We’ve got some exciting prizes to be won and will be providing some drinks and snacks to help get your brains working, we may even get a beer tasting session with the brewers going! It’s going to be a great opportunity to meet the PEPG committee and get to know other plant environmental physiology-minded people in a very informal setting. So, if you fancy your chances (and like winning prizes), come along and join us for the PEPG Quiz of the Year.  Keep your eye on our twitter feed (@PEPG_SIG) for details.

Committee members

Matt Davey
Colin Osborne
Howard Griffiths
Lucy Rowland
Marjorie Lundgren
Richard Webster
Jen Cuniff