Our Regional Fund supports members who want to undertake public engagement activities within the UK.

Photographer Mark Tatchell at within the BES Incredible Creatures exhibition at New Scientist Live

** Please note: due to the developing COVID-19 situation, the BES has taken the decision to postpone assessment of applications to the Regional Fund involving public gatherings until further notice. However, applications remain open and are strongly encouraged for digital engagement projects **


Our Regional Fund supports members who want to undertake public engagement and science communication activities within the UK.

Our Regional Fund provides up to £1000 for activities that communicate ecology, through which we hope to build connections between researchers and diverse audiences.

Past awards have been provided for members to cover stand fees to attend festivals and events, to provide training in public engagement, and to fund internships to develop larger public engagement projects. This can also include digital events such as livestreams and podcasts.

We also aim to provide support to individuals at the start of their journey within public engagement and science communication. If you need smaller funding support, even just £50 or £100, to develop new resources or pursue opportunities you can apply for funds.

You can download our BES Regional Fund Guidelines – March 2020 for more information on activities we support. Primarily, activities must:

  • Support the wider BES strategy of sharing ecological research with wider audiences and discussing ecological issues with non-specialists
  • Be planned to take place within the UK
  • Be led by a member of the BES (you can become a member here)

To apply for funding, please download and complete our BES Regional Fund Application Form – March 2020. Applications are currently accepted throughout the year.

If you have ideas you wish to discuss before applying, please email Chris Jeffs.


April – May 2020: Special Call for Digital Engagement Applications

With public events cancelled or postponed in the coming months due to COVID-19, and with the majority of members and publics working from home, engaging with publics via digital media will be more important than ever.

To support BES members during this home working period, we are therefore seeking applications specifically for the production of engaging digital content and activities which either directly reach publics, or support the development of your own or others skills in public engagement and science communication using digital media.

Applications can be up to £1,000, but we welcome even small grants of £50 should the award significantly assist the development of your public engagement and science communication content and skills. These funds cannot cover your personal salaried time but can be used to commission experts to produce resources. The BES would retain the right to distribute and utilise any resources produced as a result of providing funding.

Examples of digital subjects funded could include:
– Subscriptions to editing software etc.
– Purchase of equipment e.g. video setups or podcast equipment.
– Materials to create digital training resources
– Production of podcasts, photography, video vlogging, graphic design, illustration etc.
– Popular science writing / blogging
– Production of education materials such as worksheets, activity books, and home activities.
– Developing engaging online workshops e.g. Skype a Scientist sessions. Youtube videos.
– Advanced social media techniques for engaging publics. Use of interactive media.
– How to market and distribute your science communication content effectively
– Making your own or project websites
– Home based activities to engage others with nature
– Translating complex science into accessible visualisations and other media.
– Creating training resources for others
– Using open-access / free / accessible software for science communication and engagement

Applications are accepted until a deadline of May 18th and will now be assessed competitively against our criteria. We advise applying as early as possible, using the following form which is the same as for our open call Regional Fund Application Form – March 2020. Please email Chris Jeffs.

Application form and guidelines are available via the links above. Please state in your application how your proposal meets the above aims of supporting you in the home environment and focuses on digital engagement skills.

Outreach Grant

The society also provides Outreach Grants of up to £2000 for activities that promote ecological science to public groups worldwide. To find out more please visit our Outreach Grant page.