Capturing Ecology 2017

The incredible winning images from our 2017 Photographic Competition: Capturing Ecology

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Overall Winners

Overall winner: Christopher Beirne, University of Exeter and Crees Foundation, On the trail, ocelot during the night in Peru

Overall runner-up: Mark Tatchell, Toco toucan looking back

Overall student winner: Leejiah Dorward, University of Oxford, I see you, flap-necked chameleon in Tanzania

Category 1 – Up close and Personal

An image displaying the intricacy of nature using close-up or macro photography.

Winner: Roberto García Roa, University of Valencia, White silk, Anolis lizard changing skin

Student winner: Karen O’Neill, KerryLIFE and University of Dundee, Canopy bubble, showing the reflection of trees in water

Category 2 – Dynamic Ecosystems

Demonstrating interactions between different species within an ecosystem.

Winner: Zoe Davies, University of Kent, Salmon run, a brown bear catching sockeye salmon in Alaska

Student winner: Leejiah Dorward, University of Oxford, Venomous vine, a savanna vine snake struggles with a speckle fronted weaver in Tanzania

Category 3 – Individuals and Populations

A unique look at a species in its environment, either alone or as part of a population.

Winner: Nilanjan Chatterjee, Wildlife Institute of India, Crossing the line, a tiger with her cub

Student winner: Leejiah Dorward, University of Oxford, Shivering sylph, a long tailed sylph shakes of rain drops after a tropical shower in Colombia

Category 4 – Ecology and Society

A look at how people and society engage with wildlife and their environment.

Winner: Leejiah Dorward, University of Oxford, Home sweet home, a nycterid bat triggers a camera trap

Student winner: Adam Rees, Plymouth University, Female leatherback turtle gets into trouble

Category 5 – Ecology in Action

Showcasing the practice of ecology in action.

Winner: Dominic Cram, University of Cambridge, Meerkat morning weights

Student winner: Nick Harvey, University of Manchester and Chester Zoo, A sedated giant, white rhino in South Africa

Category 6 – The Art of Ecology

A creative and original take on photography denoting ecology.

Winner: Jesamine Bartlett, University of Birmingham and British Antarctic Survey, Divided, a crack in a Swedish lake stretches the entire width of the lake, dividing the white ice with a deep black scar

Student winner: Sanne Govaert, Ghent University, The jar effect, a butterfly in a used transparent container

Highly Commended

Tim Kasoar, You lookin’ at me – Submitted to Dynamic Ecosystems

Irene Steves Negev – Wolf spider peeking out of its burrow – Submitted to Individuals and Populations

Krisztina Fekete, Pink Dream – Submitted to The Art of Ecology