2018 Annual Meeting Student Prize Winners

We are pleased to announce the winners of the Student Talk and Student Poster Prizes from our 2018 Annual Meeting.

Student Prize Winners

Each year we call a diverse group of judges to select winners for our Student Poster and Talk Prizes. This year we had over 150 entries for both talks and posters, so our judges had their work cut out!

To enter, applicants must be a current student presenting work on their research project, or recently have completed their studies and be presenting work that was completed when they were still a student. If presenting a poster, entrants must be the first author and have undertaken the majority of the work for the project.

Both talks and posters are scored on categories including; visual style, scientific content, originality of research, response to questions and the effectiveness of communication.

Winners receive an honorarium of £250 and runners up receive £100. Due to the high standard of presentations this year, a number of Highly Commended individuals have also been selected for both talks and posters.

Our judges were incredibly impressed with the exceptional standard of the presentations across the board and we are pleased to announce the following winners. Congratulations to all the winners from this years meeting and a huge thank you to our judges, as well as Hefin Jones who oversees the entire process, whose time and effort made this possible!

The overall winners are below, you can view the full list of winners, runners up and highly commended Anne Keymer Student Talks and Best Poster Prizes on our website.

Anne Keymer Student Talk Winners

2018 Winner

Jesamine Bartlett (University of Birmingham)
Ecological consequences of a single introduced species to the Antarctic.

2018 Runner Up

Daniel Kenna (Imperial College London)
Flight of the Bumblebee: Bee flight performance under variable temperature scenarios and pesticide stress

2018 Highly Commended

Janna Barel (Wageningen University)
Winter cover crop legacy effects on litter decomposition in agriculture act through litter quality and microbial community changes

Gergana Daskalova (University of Edinburgh)
Population and biodiversity change increase after forest cover change globally

Student Poster Prize Winners

2018 Winner

Justin Byrne (Newcastle University) 
The Ageing of Woodland Soils: Examining plant – microbial decomposer communities in woods of all ages

2018 Runners Up

Natasha Ellison (University of Sheffield)
Mechanistic Modelling of the Home Range Patterns of Long-Tailed Tits

Alec Christie (Cambridge University) 
Design matters: quantifying the relative reliability of experimental designs and patterns in their global usage

2018 Highly Commended

Amy Newman (University of Warwick)
Getting to the root of the issue: circadian rhythms in the rhizosphere microbiome

A huge congratulations to all our prize winners and those that presented at #BES2018!