25 YEP Indicators: Consultation Response

The Policy Team will be responding to Defra’s “25 Year Environment Plan: Measuring Progress” consultation and we need your expertise!


Defra have now published a draft of the indicator framework they plan to use to monitor progress towards 25 Year Environment Plan targets. It contains a set of 65 indicators, with 15 “headline” indicators, to track changes in the environment system as a whole.


How will the BES respond?

The BES aims to respond to the following questions from the consultation:


1. Whether the proposed framework describes the environment in a meaningful way;

2. Potential gaps in the headline indicators and / or system indicators and how to fill those gaps;

3. Whether the overall number of headline and system indicators is appropriate. Are there too many, too few?

4. The approach to bundling information in the indicators. Is it better to combine multiple data sources within summary indices or to be more selective about which data to present and assess?

5. Data that you possess which is relevant to the framework and could be shared to update any of the proposed indicators;

6. How you might use the framework and which aspects of it you see as being particularly important; and

7. The balance and scalability between local and national levels.


How can you help us?

You can help us develop our response by providing scientific evidence and you can contribute in a number of ways:

Draft an answer – We encourage you to draft responses to questions that are relevant to your work.

Submit evidence – If you would like to get involved but are unable to provide us with a draft answer, we are happy to receive other forms of evidence. This can be in the form of a list of peer-reviewed journal articles or bullet points summarising research.

Review the response – You may also offer to review responses drafted by the Policy Team and contributing members. We welcome feedback and suggestions, supported by relevant references, to fill any evidence gaps in our responses.

• We are also happy to arrange a phone call with you and take notes if that is easier.


If you would like to contribute to our response, please get in touch with the Policy Officer, Sara Brouillette by 15 January 2019.