Annual Meeting Plenary Speaker: Alison Hester

We are excited to announce that Professor Alison Hester will present our ’12 Months in Ecology’ plenary talk in Liverpool.

Alison Hester will give the 12 Months in Ecology plenary talk at the BES Annual Meeting
Alison Hester

Our Annual Meetings always include plenary speakers at the top of their ecological game. This year is no exception. We are delighted that Alison Hester will join us.

Alison is Head of Theme: Safeguarding Natural Capital at the James Hutton Institute, UK. She did her BSc at King’s College University of London, PhD at Aberdeen University/ CEH and her first postdoc in the wilds of Western Australia at CSIRO. Much of her research relates to applied land use issues, with a strong focus on drivers of biodiversity change, in particular the impacts of mammalian herbivores on woody plant species in different systems across the world.

Alison has been an active member of the British Ecological Society (BES) for most of her career, including a stint on Council, as book review editor for Journal of Applied Ecology and received our Founder’s Award. We look forward to her talk!

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